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Accreditation and business collaboration


SII-QCD is accreditate by the largest accreditation bodies.

  • RVA from the Nederland's, for ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 13485
  • ANAB from the USA, for AS9100/AS9120/ISO 27001/ISO 22000/ISO 9001/ FSSC  


** updated for 12/2018
SII is the exclusive IQNet partner in Israel, the largest certification network in the world, have around 36 members from more than 30 countries, operate subsidiaries in more than 200 countries, holds around 30% of certificates issue around the world (more than 400,000 certificates).
IQNet partners can issue certificate for other partner (for most of the certificates) through co-certification process, so it can help SII-QCD customers in their business activities abroad. Behind that IQNet develop some own certification products (SR10, etc.) and act as certification body for other products (SMETA/BSCI/SA8000 etc.)  
IQNet partners selected after a rigorous qualification process. A best-practice assessment model supports continuous improvement and consistent customer focus. IQNet is committed to compliance with authoritative international auditing and certification standards. This ensures that IQNet certificates enjoy a high degree of credibility worldwide.
SII-QCD have corporation with many certification bodies in the world, and perform audits for them in Israel. The benefit is to have audits in Hebrew by qualified auditors and with the best availability, for certificates not issued by SII-QCD or for Israeli site of multi-national certified company.  
Among those organizations: NQA (USA) for the telecom, EAGEL (USA) for IATF16949, MDC (Germany) and NEMKO for medical devices and much more.
We are accredited by RvA ,Dutch Accreditation Council, and ANAB-ANSI ,ASQNational Accreditation Board, the largest and most highly respected and recognized accreditation bodies. For our certificates and scope, see the links below:

SII-QCD is highly recognized all over the globe.
QCD Director, Eng. Eli Cohen-Kagan, is IQNet Vice President.
The recognition assists our customers with their international activities.
To broaden the range of services we offer, we work in partnership with the following organizations:

NQA (USA)                                in the communication industry.
MDC (Germany)                        in the medical devices field,
ECAS (Netherlands)                  in the agricultural field,
ISACERT (Netherlands)            in the food industry,
URS                                            in the automotive industries.