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Impartiality Management


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  • We are committed to impartiality and objectivity in our certification activities.
  • We identify, analyze, and record those cases where there arises a risk of a conflict of interest, and perform periodic reviews. We record these reviews and present them, along with issues of principle and detailed queries, to the Committee for Safeguarding of Impartiality, an independent advisory board, for whatever action they deem necessary.
  • We withhold certification in cases where lack of objectivity or conflict of interest is suspect.
  • We ensure that auditors, who were previously involved in providing consultation services to an organization, do not participate in the certification process for the same organization, unless a period of over three years has passed.
  • We act decisively against all external risks that may undermine our objectivity. We work to ensure that our staff operates impartially and without bias, and we do not tolerate the existence of any financial or commercial conflict of interest in the certification processes. Our employees are required to report any case that might put the organization’s impartiality at risk.
  • We operate according to the principles of the Ethical Code detailed in the Appendix to the Quality Manual, and require our employees to comply as a prerequisite for their employment.

For more details:
Mrs. Lihi Maor - Secretary of the Committee
E-mail: lihimaor@sii.org.il