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AS9120 Quality Management Systems - Aerospace


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Standard AS9120 (Aerospace Requirements for Stockiest Distributors) defines specific requirements for suppliers and distributors that supply components to the supply-chain that manufacture products for the Aerospace and Defense Industries. The emphasis in this standard is on traceability of materials (from receipt until delivery), protection and supervision of the stored materials, defining method and tracking of Splitting of the material/batch, such that conformance to the specification is maintained, and keeping of records that indicate these requirements were met (for clients and authorities) and more.

Standard AS9120 is part of the group of Aviation Standards (AS) that were prepared by the international organization SAE Aerospace under the auspices of IAQG – the umbrella organization of the aviation industry that includes some of the largest companies in the field such as: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, Airbus etc.
Certification in accordance with standard AS9120 combines the requirements for ISO 9001 and additional requirements (legislative and aviation). In addition to this standard, other specialized standards exist, such as AS9110 (for the field of maintenance), AS9115 (for the field of software) and more.

The requirements for standard AS9120 are more lenient than those appearing in standard AS9100 and encourage organizations in the supply-chain: to adjust themselves to the requirements of the standard, to be part of the entire chain that’s goal is supplying a product in the time and quality that suits the client.
Recognition of the Standards Institution of Israel of compatibility with the quality management system in the aviation industry, according to requirements of AS9100, demonstrates that the organization took the necessary steps to ensure its commitment to the quality of its products.

The advantages of the AS9120 Quality Management Systems:

  • Reduce costs over lost materials, poor service, lost customers etc.
  • Identify and manage processes, collect information and analyze them together for the defined metrics and goals.
  • Comply with contractual requirements of aviation authorities in Israel and worldwide (FAA, EASA, CAAI).
  • Drive ongoing processes and plans for improvement (even beyond basic compliance to the requirements).
  • Traceability across the entire supply-chain from the level of materials, the finished product and unto service, repair and maintenance of aircraft and assemblies.
  • Reduce the number of audits by clients and their extent.

Auditors from the Standards Institution of Israel will assist in verifying that the organization’s quality management system meets the standard’s requirements, and where improvements are necessary. Certification according to AS9100C also indicates that the organization meets requirements for SI ISO 9001.
The audits are done by auditors from the Standards Institution of Israel.
Our auditors received the required training and were certified for the field of aviation.

The path to certification

Certification is done after implementation of an intra-organizational process, in which, per the standard requirements, the organization’s Quality Management System in Aerospace, is successfully implemented. In order to start the process, it is recommended to purchase the standard at the Standards Institution information center, to learn the requirements and to participate in appropriate training. Additionally, consultants that specialize in quality management systems- Aerospace can be used, and the Standards Institution of Israel can conduct a audit stage 1 to review the gaps.
The process should be seen as an opportunity for improvement by a team from the organization that will receive support and involvement of management. At the end of the process, reviewers of the Standards Institution of Israel that are independent will perform the certifying audit that confirms that the organization’s Quality Management System in Aerospace is appropriate.

Required Steps


The Client The Standards Institution of Israel
Registration with the  Standards Institution of Israel Sending a bid that includes checking  the organization’s procedures coordinating and performing audit stage 1 and Certification Audit (Stage 2), Certificate Fee, Reporting and registration fees in the OASIS system
Approval of /paying the bid Assignment of a Client Manager
Delivery of the quality in aviation procedures Checking documents, coordinating and performing Stage 1 and Stage 2 Audits
Dealing with findings of the audits and fixing discrepancies Evaluating the corrective and correction action and approving it (by Client Manager), professional and administrative approval, sending oversight agreement (for follow-up audits)
Signing surveillance agreement (for follow-up audits) Sending certificates and agreement signed by Standards Institution of Israel, publication of certificate on Institute’s website and the OASIS website
Activities to continually improve quality Performance of  follow-up audits to verify organization’s compliance to requirements


The Standards Institution of Israel – the right choice for you

  • The Standards Institution of Israel has a long standing reputation in quality and professionalism.
  • Our people are among the leading professional experts in the field of quality, having experience and are familiar with client needs.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel is the largest certification body in Israel.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel provides a range of services under one roof: Certification (single or combined), various laboratory tests and a training center. The Standards Institution of Israel is accredited by ANAB, one of the largest accreditation bodies in the world.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel is a member of international Standards Committees and has cooperation agreements with leading entities around the world.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel is Israel’s representative in the IQNet network that incorporates Certification Bodies (C.B) from around the world.



For information:
Mr. David Levi
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For registration:
Mrs. Shlomit Saad-Noy
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