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ISO 22301 - Societal Security - Business Continuity (BC) Management Systems


ISO 22301 assists organizations in building business continuity management systems. This standard refers to risks faced to the organization’s entire infrastructure: Information, production machines, logistic resources, communications, various service providers, operational sites and more.

The public hears about various dramatic events and disasters such as terrorist attacks and natural disasters such as: Earthquakes, tsunami and the collapse of the World Trade Center. But 90% of the events that inhibit an organization’s ability to continue delivering their products or services to the interested parties (clients, general public, shareholders), are far less dramatic, such as: flooding, fire, computer virus or a simple flu outbreak.

ISO 22301 offers a solution to these problems. This standard assists the organization in building a business continuity management system – BCMS that is vital to the organization in identifying the key products and services, the critical activities that support them and the risks posed to them in the case of an unexpected event.

The standard for business continuity embodies a new approach in certification of management systems, in which in addition to the certification standard (ISO 22301) there is an application guide (ISO 22313). This enables organizations to best prepare for implementing this standard in the organization.

Advantages of using the business continuity standard:

  • Identifying threats to the critical activities of the organization, and the organization’s durability in facing these threats and preventing them.
  • Preparing for situations in which the business activity is impacted.
  • Continued activity in case of unexpected event with minimally required business activity.
  • Reduction in loss of reputation (due to contractual obligations and the market share that the organization wants to dominate).
  • Meeting regulatory or statutory requirements the organization is governed by.

Creating a management system based on the BCMS standard will enable the organization to:

  • Plan the organization’s policy and operational strategies for business continuity.
  • Train the appropriate people to deal with the various incidents.
  • Implement the topic in the corporate culture.
  • Prepare appropriate plans and practice them.
  • To continually improve the organization’s abilities to cope with various stress situations.

Auditors from the Standards Institution of Israel will assist in verifying that the organization’s business continuity management system meets the standard’s requirements, where improvements are necessary, and perform the certification as per ISO 22301.
It is recommended, along with incorporation of the business continuity management system to also incorporate other management systems (Information Security management systems - SI ISO 27001, Information Technologies management -- SI 20000, Quality Management Systems – SI 9001, etc.).

Required Steps

The Client The Standards Institution of Israel
Registration with the Standards Institution of Israel Sending a bid that includes: Checking procedures and Stage 1 Audit (preliminary), Stage 2 Audit (Certification)
Approval of /paying the bid Assignment of a Client Manager
Hand over the required documentation Checking documents, coordinating and performing Stage 1 and Stage 2 Audits
Dealing with findings of the audits and fixing discrepancies Evaluating the correction and activities and approving it (By Client Manager), professional and administrative approval, sending surveilance  agreement (for follow-up audits)
Signing surveilance agreement (for follow-up audits) Sending certificates and agreement signed by The Standards Institution of Israel
Activities to continually improve the system Performance of follow-up audits to verify organization’s compliance to requirements

The Standards Institution of Israel – the right choice for you

  • The Standards Institution of Israel has a long standing reputation in quality and professionalism.
  • Our people are among the leading professional experts in the field of quality, having experience and are familiar with client needs.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel is the largest certification body in Israel.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel provides a range of services under one roof: Certification (singly or combined), various laboratory tests and a training center.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel is a member of international Standards Committees and has cooperation agreements with leading entities around the world.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel is Israel’s representative in the IQNet network that incorporates Certification Bodies (C.B) from around the world.


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