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The adoption of a knowledge management system is a strategic decision of an organization. 
The content and implementation of a knowledge management system in an organization are influenced by various factors:

a. Characteristics of the organization, including the size of the organization, its structure and interested parties.
b. The organizational environment, the changes in this environment and the risks there in.
c. The organizational culture in general and the organization's knowledge management culture in particular.
d. The varying needs of the organization.
e. The unique objectives of the organization.
 f. The core competencies of the organization.
g. The intellectual capital of the organization.

Standard SI 25006 prescribes requirements for organizational knowledge management systems and discusses the establishment and maintenance of knowledge management systems, the instillation and sharing of a knowledge management culture, the knowledge management solutions and how to measure the organizational knowledge.
The Standard encourages adoption of the process approach to knowledge management in an organization, as a basis for the qualitative and effective operation of the knowledge management system in the organization over time.
The Standard is applicable to all types of business organizations, private and public, regardless of their field of activity and their size, as well as to non-profit organizations.


  • To operate on the basis of an informed strategy.
  • To identify and to understand the challenges and the needs of the organization.
  • To plan knowledge management activities, to set priorities for them and to consider them according to cost versus benefit.
  • To monitor and to measure the activity results on a number of levels, evaluate them and analyze them.
  • To improve the processes based on the analysis results and the learning from the experience accumulated at the organization.
  • Improvement of the knowledge management response to the Company's needs.
  • To provide solutions for new challenges in the organization.

Auditors of the Standards Institution will assist an organization in identifying whether its knowledge management system conforms to the requirements of the Standards, what are the required points for improvement and will perform certification according to SI 25006.

It is possible and would also bring added value to combine roll out of this system with other management systems (for information system management, for information service management, for quality management system, etc.).

It is recommended to purchase the Standard at the Information Center of the Standards Institution, to learn the requirements and to participate in appropriate training.
A preliminary assessment may be conducted, through experts of the Standards Institution, to identify discrepancies between the current situation and the requirements of the Standard.


Certification is done following implementation of an intra-organizational process where the knowledge centers in the organization are identified as well as their importance.


Registration with the Standards Institution of Israel Sending of a price quote, including preliminary stage and certification stage
Approval of price quote Appointment of customer manager, introductory meeting / coordination of expectations
Delivery of required documentation Inspection of the documents
Comments to findings of the documentation inspection and assessment coordination Conducting assessments required for certification
Comments to the assessment findings and correction of non-conformities Evaluation and approval of corrective action, sending of a surveillance agreement
Signature of a surveillance agreement (for follow up assessments) Sending of certificates and signed agreement

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  • Our people are among the leading professional experts in the field of quality, having experience and are familiar with client needs.
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  • The Standards Institution of Israel is a member of international Standards Committees and has cooperation agreements with leading entities around the world.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel is Israel’s representative in the IQNet network that incorporates Certification Bodies (C.B) from around the world.


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