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Process Certification

Process certification is administered by the Standard Mark system.

Examples of process certification: maintenance of fire extinguishing systems, maintenance of fire detection systems, stamping of identification plates, maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.

What is process certification?

  • Certain service processes are defined by standards and specifications, and affect the safety of use of products.
  • The Standard Mark system examines the processes of the provision of the service in accordance with the standards, in order to ensure that the service is provided by qualified professionals, in compliance with the requirements of the standards that ensure that the products are safe to use.

Advantage of process certification for the consumer –

Increased confidence in use of the product; both the professionalism of the service provider and the process of service provision itself are examined.

Advantage of process certification for the professional –

  • Marketing advantage
  • Reduced chance of harming the customer as a result of use of the product .


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