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Green Label for Products and Services

A Green Label is a label which identifies overall, proven environmental preference of a product or service within a specific product/service category.

A Green Label, granted jointly by the Israel Standards Institution and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, attests to the fact that a product’s or service’s harm to the environment is less.

In a world with continual growth in environmental awareness, we all understand the power of our impact on the environment in which we live. A reduction in harm to the environment can be accomplished, among other ways, through the use of environmentally-friendly products and services.

A product or service with a Green Label reduces use of hazardous materials, improves energy efficiency, and more.

The Green Label represents for the manufacturer or service provider a marketing advantage over competitors in the field, as it is an objective certification that the product or service is, in fact, “environmental” and not making a false claim (Green wash).

Advantages of the Green Label:

  • Encourages the design, manufacture, marketing, and use of products and services such that minimal damage to the environment will be caused, or such that environmental quality will be improved, at the various stages of the product's or service's lifecycle.
  • Enables consumers to identify environmentally-friendly products or services, and encourages them to give preference to such products or services over others, while this environmental friendliness will not impact the main product or service characteristics, their safety or their quality.
  • The Israel Standards Institution is a member of the international organization GEN, which unifies dozens of eco-labeling organizations throughout the world. As a direct result of this, there is a possibility of mutual international recognition.
  • Distinguishes between the misleading labeling and labeling approved.
  • Enables point accumulation in green construction.

Summary of the necessary stages:

Client The Standards Institution of Israel
Submission of request for receipt of a permit, together with specifications of the environmental characteristics of the product or service Receipt of approval of the Environmental Protection Ministry. suitability of relevant specifications for product/service.
Approval and signing of price proposal Preparation of price proposal
Preparation of product/service portfolio and submission to Standards Institution for checking Receipt of product/service portfolio and checking it
Submission of a sample for laboratory testing, if necessary Verification of product/service green specification, including laboratory testing of a sample (if necessary)
Scheduling date of audit Audit and report
Response to deficiencies that were found, and communication of corrective actions (if necessary) Checking of corrective actions (if any)
Issuance and mailing of invoice
Preparation of the permit for discussion in committees
Payment of invoice Recommendation of the Professional Committee
Approval of the Permit Committee
Preparation and mailing of agreement for signing of manufacturer/service provider.
Signing of oversight agreement Mailing of signed agreement to the client. Publishing of the permit on the institute website. Mailing of certificates to client.

The Israel Standards Institution – The Right Choice For You

  • The Israel Standards Institution has an exclusive position and reputation in the field of product testing.
  • The Israel Standards Institution has a long-running reputation for quality and professionalism.
  • Our personnel are among the leading professional experts in the field, with extensive experience and thorough familiarity with client needs and technological issues in this field.
  • The Israel Standards Institution offers a broad spectrum of services under one roof: Certification (individual and joint), a variety of laboratory tests, and a guidance center.
  • The Israel Standards Institution is a member in international regulation committees, and has cooperation agreements with leading bodies throughout the world.

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