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The Standard Mark system was established in accordance with the Standards Law, 1953, and operates under the powers granted by the Standards Law, Regulations and Directives,  Standards Directive (Definition of Standard Marks), 1992, and the Standards Directive (Prohibition of Production of Goods) ,1981.

What is a Standard Mark?

A mark that notes that each product bearing the mark meets the requirements of the standards applicable to the product.
Quality and safety as defined in the applicable standards are ensured for a product bearing the Standard Mark.
The Standard Mark system grants manufacturers a license to mark a product with a Standard Mark symbol.
Note: If you are interested in receiving certification in accordance with management system standards such as: ISO 9001, click here.

Who can receive a license to mark a product with a Standard Mark?

Any manufacturer of a product which SII has confirmed that his product is manufactured according to the Israeli standards and that the standard has been found compatible for licensing. 

The Standard Mark Is Mandatory

 A Standard Mark is mandatory for products regarding which the Commissioner of Standardization in the Economy Office has decided that there is a requirement for surveillance of the Standards Institution of Israel over the product and its manufacturing processes, in order to ensure that it meets the requirements of the standards. The Commissioner’s decision is made in accordance with the Standards Law, 1953, and associated regulations and directives in the case of a mandatory Standard Mark.
Manufacture of such products is prohibited without receipt of a license from the Standards Institution of Israel.

Advantages of a Standard Mark for the Consumer

A Standard Mark license granted to a product attests that the product meets the standards, and that quality control is carried out to make sure that the manufacturing processes and the manufacturer’s own quality control ensure that all such products will be of high-quality and safe for use.


Advantages of a Standard Mark for the Manufacturer

  • Receipt of a license to label a product with a Standard Mark ensures the manufacturer that his product meets the requirements defined in the standard, whether it is a mandatory standard, official standard or voluntary standard. For the Standardization Division portal, click here.
  • The license also provides the manufacturer with a marketing advantage from the perspective of the consumer.
  • A foreign manufacturing company that markets its products in the Israeli market can receive a license to label its products with a Standard Mark, thus simplifying the process of importing his products.

Letter of request to cancel a license

For A Standard Mark Labeling Request Form:
Email the form to: hagit_n@sii.org.il