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Registration and Preliminary Enquiries



http://portal.sii.org.il/UploadedImages//11_2016/preliminary tests agreement SM.docThe preliminary enquiries process is composed of several consecutive steps:

Preparation stage:
1. Verification if it is possible to give an authorization according to the required standard (in case of a standard for which manufacturer's authorizations was not granted yet).
2. Performance of a preliminary audit at the manufacturer's site to verify its compatibility for starting the process –
• The manufacturer performed an inspection of the product prototype compatibility with the standard's requirements
• The manufacturer produces the product on a production line
• The manufacturer's quality system complies with the requirements of IS ISO 9001. For accessing the Quality and Certification page, click here.
• The manufacturer has a product file and a suitable quality plan

Compliance with these requirements enables advancing to the preliminary enquiries stage.

Preliminary enquiries stage:

Document verification – review of the manufacturer's product file and quality plan
Test of the prototype in a laboratory
Inspection of the plant processes
Process inspection according to IS ISO 9001
Signature on a surveillance agreement
Reception of the license (Example of certificate)
The inspections plan is performed according to the PEP (Preliminary Enquiries Plan)

Introduction to the Standard Mark System

Structure of Standard Mark

Preliminary Inquiries Agreement

Assistance for manufacturers in preparing a product file

Assistance for manufacturers in preparing a quality plan

Surveillance Agreement

Timeline of Procedures

License Application Form