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How Do We Operate?


Organizational structure and operational frameworks:
The Standard Mark system is composed of a number of frameworks as set by the Standards Law, Regulations and directives,  Standards Directive (Definition of Standard Marks), 1992, and the Standards Directive (Prohibition of Production of Goods) ,1981.

Standard Mark Directorate –

Sets policy for the operation of the Standards Mark system and serves as an appeals tribunal for decisions of the License Committee.

License  Committee –

The body that makes decisions regarding the granting/cancellation of licenses to label a product with a Standard Mark, and regarding the extent of supervision over the manufacturer.

Professional Committees –

A professional committee within its field is responsible for review and assessing the results of the tests and examinations carried out for a product and for the manufacturing processes, and for ensuring their compatibility with requirements. The professional committee makes recommendations to the License Committee regarding the granting of a license.

Testing Laboratories –

Carry out product tests.

Process Inspectors and Quality Auditors –

Examine the suitability of the manufacturing processes and quality management at the manufacturer’s factory.

Standard Mark Operations Directorate –

Responsible for routine operation of the Standard Mark system.

The approval processes for a product and its surveillance include a number of stages:

Preliminary Inquiries stage
Checking whether it is possible to grant a license for the product (whether a suitable standard exists).
Testing the compatibility of the product and the manufacturing process with requirements of the standard.
Surveillance stage
Ongoing testing at the manufacturer's premises in accordance with requirements defined for the specific standard/s for the product.

Confidentiality and conflict of interest:

The Standard Mark system meets the strictest standards for maintenance of confidentiality of information received, and for control to prevent conflict of interest of the parties participating in the process.
SII Procedure 008 – Procedure for Preventing Conflict of Interest and Maintaining confidentiality  of information in the standard-mark system.
SII Procedure 52 –  Preventing conflict of Interest
SII Procedure 39 – Confidentiality of Data

Additional Procedure:

SII Procedure 006 -Policy for Defining the Arrangements, Essence and Degree of the Institute’s Overview of Products Carrying the Standards-Mark
SII Procedure 007- Rules for Operating the Standards-Mark System
SII Procedure 013- Rules for Running the License Committees and the Technical Committee by the Standards Mark Authority
Complaints process for the Standard Mark
Appeals process for the Standard Mark
Rules for the manufacturer on use of and reference to the Standard Mark