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Israeli Standard


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Standard is a document specifying the requirements applicable to the product or service to fit vocation.

Standard is a document, specifying technical requirements for the product to fit their destiny. Standard discusses various features of the product such as: materials, structure, size, operation, marking and packaging. Existing standards, defining test methods, terminology and content. The preparation of Standards Center for Standardization Division and for that it activates hundreds of public committees, including members thousands of representatives from various sectors of the economy, including manufacturers, contractors, scientific and research institutions, testing laboratories and the like.

Who used devices?

Devices used an important tool to maintain the quality of the product and maintain uniformity in size, weight, symbols, terms and more. Standards are given instructions for various tasks and the most important public safety and health. Use them all the factors operating in the economy, including the industrial sector, the construction industry, consumers, government and various trade organizations.

Official standard

Israeli standard set by the Israel Standards Institute is a voluntary standard. Minister of Trade and Industry may, after consultation with representatives of producers and consumers, the declaration was published in the Official Gazette declare a particular standard, in whole or in part as an official Israeli standard (binding) if it is satisfied that it is necessary to achieve one of the following objectives:
  • Maintaining public health
  • Maintaining public safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Providing information, when there is no information or may provide an alternative mechanism for consumer protection
  • Ensuring compatibility or interchangeability of products
  • Prevention of significant economic damage that may be caused to the consumer from the use of systems, materials or products used in construction, visible. And preventing economic damage that may be caused to the consumer by the use of building materials that are not visible.
Duty of maintaining official standard

Product Standard as it was announced officially, no make, sell, import, or use it to work the technical rules of procedure set its official standard, unless the product fit or work process requirements of the standard official. Responsible for filling out an official standard user is responsible for the proper office of Trade and Industry. The Commissioner may at any reasonable sense, to audit and examine whether filled Standards Law. Audits, any person authorized by the Commissioner of Standards, to take an example from a commodity to examine and seize and detain anything that has reason to believe committed a violation of the provisions of the devices. The engineers of the Commissioner of Standards Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor managers initiated investigations following inspections or complaints, and if it turns out that there was a violation of the Standards Act, taken legal action against business owners, importers or manufacturers.

Detection Standards