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Nternational Water Standardization Program in SII





The international water standardization program, working in the Standards Institution of Israel under Israel NewTech (link: http://israelnewtech.gov.il/Pages/default.aspx), is currently leading 15 water-related international standardization committees, sub committees and working groups. Its main standardization platform is ISO – the International Standardization Organization. Approximately 200 actors are involved, representing local industry, academy and regulation sectors.
 Involvement in international standardization – standards initiation and development – has been proven effective for a variety of industries, organizations, citizens and societies worldwide (link: https://www.iso.org/benefits-of-standards-the-iso-materials.html).


Why take part in international water-related standardization


  • Adjust new standards in accordance with industrial and regulatory needs
  • Work closely with a community of experts from around the world
  • Meet potential clients and colleagues from around the world
  • Learn about new trends
  • Open up to new markets
  • Improve production processes
  • Improve position against competitors
  • Create a common language between clients, suppliers, bidders and regulators
  • Share professional know-how to help deal with global water scarcity

Israeli lead and participation in water-related ISO committees

1. Water Reuse (ISO TC 282)


  • Wastewater reuse for irrigation purposes
  • Adaptation of irrigation equipment to wastewater quality
  • Wastewater disinfection
  • Wastewater reuse for industrial purposes
  • Characterization of energy consumption in industrial wastewater treatment
  • Pilot plan for industrial wastewater treatment facilities
  • Wastewater reuse in urban areas
  • Reclaimed water safety evaluation
  • Risk and performance evaluation of water reuse
  • Purified water pretreatment for pharmaceutical use

2. Drinking water supply systems and wastewater systems

  • Crisis management of water utilities
  • Alternative water supply during crisis
  • Water quality event detection process
  • Continuous water quality monitoring
  • Water loss in urban drinking water supply systems

3. Sludge recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal (ISO TC 275)

  • Sludge agricultural applications

4. Irrigation and drainage equipment and systems (ISO TC 23/18)


  • Drip irrigation implementation (preliminary draft in preparation)
  • Irrigation equipment standards

5. Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works (ISO TC 59/17)

  • Multiple resource productivity (water, energy, crops/land) in infrastructure projects

6. Water quality (ISO TC 147)


  • Wastewater sampling


The international water-related standardization program in SII invites any interested parties to learn more on our activities
and take part in international standardization.